City Skyline [ Mk. III ]

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Author AMomentLikeThis
Tags author:amomentlikethis bitesized featured n-art rated
Created 2006-07-19
Last Modified 2006-07-19
by 128 people.
Map Data

Description Change to Mk. II.


This map was featured on 2011-09-07

A bustling metropolis. Superliminal advertising. Hyper advanced medicine. Ubiquitous high art.

Eradicated crime. Fine education. Perfection in technology. Beautiful architecture. Strong social awareness.

Sleek design. True multiculturalism. High speed transport. Sustainable life. Instant gratification.

Metropolis. The Citadel. Coruscant. City Skyline .

Another supremely perfected city of fiction. — squibbles

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But I remember seeing this years ago and enjoying it and don't want to detract that enjoyment from others, because unlike the crazy miner and afternoon dragon, they likely will have never seen this before. Also that green is bitchin.

I'm commander sheppard and this is my favorite map on the citadel.

Where is the drama?

A part of me is pleased, and a part of me is disappointed. :S


I was upset yesterday because I wasn't able to see his maps without the links. Now I can go straight from this one :) :)

killer tiles

This looks so good scaled down in the map preview, even better than when it's full size imo. Excellent design.
así me gusta a mí...!
that someone Featured amlt, thanks squibbles!
9003 is 5/5!


R&C, Mass Effect and Star Wars respectively.


nothing more to say...5/5


I'm speechless. 5/5


The thumbnail looks amazing.

4.5/5 (ill round it to 5 just cause im such a nice person):)


how long did this take you?


That is awesome.





this inspired me to make one of my own maps check it out it's called "life in the big city" it's not as good as yours though
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what the heck

that post is a complete waste of space

what the heck

that post is a complete waste of space


can someone tell me what this is posted below me?

It might be me, but I don't think this is really _that_ great! Though it is good.


is one of the few maps that are on my favorites list.!



This buildings are great!!! ;)


to much effort

i dont really see

whats so great about this art for it to be on the first page of top rated for so long. i understand i probably took really long, and i know my rating wont change anything since there are already so many votes, but... it's really not that cool... it's just a bunch of 2D buildings. please don't be angry w/ me, that's just my opinion.


That's pretty cool



WOW 5/5