Cool final DDA

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Author nikoniko
Tags author:nikoniko dda rated
Created 2006-07-21
Last Modified 2006-07-22
by 30 people.
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Description The 5º DDA Submited to NUMA and, I have used new forms of impulsion, not only of launchpads, and I have added a jail for robots…

A DDA of 5 hours...

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great level

i like how you used the trap door propulsion, much more creative than mine and im no DDA expert but i have 3 tips: 1. try for no gold delay (i know, its hard) 2. try to make it longer 3. get as many close calls as you can get if you look at my newest dda it has maybe 4 or 5 close calls i think


and on my sc#11, did you say i get a ded for commenting and rating this map??

btw, Try these !
I think you'll like it... :)

great dda



so much fun to watch, 4.5/5 since it was a little shorter than i had hoped


i already rated it earlier as a 5


4.5/5 now will u rate my map? (BTW i like it i just played it.)

that wasnt bad

i agree with cossack... a bit short but still good 4.5/5

ok i rated it... now could you rate mine? thanx
a little short - but only 3 hours that was very good. 4.5


it took u 3 HOURS to make this MASTERPIECE!? sweet! a 5/5 for a job well done.