Simple challenge 11

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Author swanky23
Tags author:swanky23 playable puzzle unrated
Created 2006-07-22
Rating 3 more votes required for a rating.
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Description it might look really easy but you have to jump FAST and its possible without fbf so im making a no fbf rule on this one for demos competing in my series and heres a hint, once you pass the trap door, don't think you're home free ;)

comment rate and post demos

ALSO if you have time please look at these maps, they have good ratings, but not enough to go public so please rate too! Just Jump- and Geez those two rockets keep coming back!-

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Yes !
Finally beat him (:
Demo Data

Slow, couldnt beat Clux :(
Demo Data

first try

Demo Data

43 frames

couldn't break 1 second
Demo Data


i didnt notice it.

please rate

nobody's rated this so far.. and at amazing slug i made it so that you cant die at the top look at it in the editor


I even stayed alive!
Demo Data
Rate or comment my dda's please, you wins a dedication, swanky23


Demo Data

third try

Demo Data