The 50 Pieces of Gold

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Author swanky23
Tags author:swanky23 playable puzzle rated
Created 2006-07-28
Last Modified 2006-07-28
by 11 people.
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Description I thought it might be fun to make one of these of levels so i made this one. it involves some tricky jumps that you might have to work on if you don't usually do them so try this in editor mode first. The level has a speed route and a regular route, the speed route is about the same but involves better timing and jumps which takes a few seconds off the time. As for the level's tileset i used only E tiles and one '1' tile. have fun with this level!

Fastest AGD by Sunday August 6th at Noon central time gets a comment and rating on 3 maps of their own choice OR a ded, you can choose

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yea, I know, it's more convenient to store progress in the sol. But anyway, it doesn't really matter as long as you reach one of the bigger chunks of gold near the end, which wasn't as hard as I initially thought.

about the ded, don't worry, I just play the maps for the fun of it.


for your first comment, it records everything so if u got farther and its not a personal best, quit out of the level and in the replay data box it has your demo data for that specific try and also great job on the agd ill make a ded soon enough because i dont know if im gonna leave NUMA or not

cancel that

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should've placed more gold along the way. N won't record progress unless you make it to the next gold in less than 2 seconds. Besides, how exactly are we supposed to make that last jump?


Hard... Nuff said...


Hard... Nuff said...

I give up

This level sucks.

my best so far!

the excellence! huzzah!
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I'm so addicted now. I HATE YOU FOR MAKING THIS!!! arrrgh.
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speed demo

Demo Data

here's my latest.

I've resumed trying. I'm addicted now.
Demo Data
Sorry for all of the posts
Demo Data

and again

Demo Data


Demo Data

I wanna cry...

so close...kinda
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Demo Data


first try.
Demo Data

goddman it.

not goddamn it. goddman it. ummm sorry I still can't get ANYWHERE near all gold.


i might consider most gold because ya, it is hard and the part where you messed up, you're supposed to do a double jump off of the 1 tile just like in blue deja vu 10
Cuz I can't beat

Real hard.

4.5/5, really nice though
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this is really hard... here's a bad demo... and I prefer dedication levels really, so I'm gonna stop here. 4/5 for the level.
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