Doors IV

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Author Clifty
Tags author:clifty bitesized dda multienemy rated
Created 2006-08-05
Last Modified 2007-06-22
by 28 people.
Map Data

Description Yep, it's a normal door propulsion map with 5 rockets following you around, there are some sweet close calls, no launch pads etc.

I'm entering it for the APC:

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z33r0 really has/had it in for you this is like the 5th map of yours I've looked at and seen him put down. Personally I think their all the shizz though I don't understand how this method of propulsion works.


are talented at finding new propulsion
I might have been able to do something like that! 4.5
uhmm. You say that clifty makes too many? check out your own.


Not every DDA has to be something new. I wanted to try it myself. And what the fuck are you talking about, "didn't have random doors scattered everywhere?"

Also, I'll make as many maps as I want, dickhead.


ever hear of a map called guage invariance? Guage invariance was the first plus it didn't have random doors scattered time take your time in planning out maps and please stop making so many!
I still like it though. 4/5

Very Nice Indeed

Another one of your brilliant DDAs. 4/5 because there weren't as many close calls (I understand that its harder when u only use normal dorrs). Keep the DDAs coming

agreed with J_o_D

use different variety of enemies. 4/5


good, but coulda been better with more close calls and more enemies.


interesting... a few effects i never came across... stylish as are all door dda's.
The rockets ran into doors alot, and i found it kinda cramped. Still good though.


GOOD DDA! I really like it because there aren't any launch pads, just doors.