El Pineo

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Author astheoceansblue
Tags action author:astheoceansblue bitesized featured inoex playable rated
Created 2006-08-05
Last Modified 2010-03-30
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Description 16-0 from the CC.

This map was featured on 2008-07-28

Will you go down to the woods today?

Atob recently said, atmosphere can make a map fun to play, regardless of gameplay. However in El Pineo, atob has combined atmosphere and fantastic gameplay.

Unique and full of atmosphere, El Pineo is a perfect map for highscoring or just playing. The surprising number of routes through the tunnels coupled with the near infinite number of paths through the thwumps means that you can keep coming back again and again.

It's definitely worth visiting the woods today. And more than that, it's worth visting The Camisade Collection from which this map came.

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completion :D
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Look, if there is something overally average and unrefined with my maps, what can I do ? What do you suggest I change ? The word refine in terms of map making can go in many directions. If you have the time, take any one of my maps and say how I could improve. While this is borderline subjective, I would still appreciate the advice.

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i am wondering

what it takes to become a reviewer around here. i think i have an idea of whats good and whats not. please comment back on my map :)


6 frames faster than amlt, but I think an extra wall jump on a 2nd thwump would be much faster..
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i have a problem with my "unread comment" alert thing, it says i have a map with an unread comment, but when i click on it, i really dont, can that be fixed?

Almost agd

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Forgot to comment, heheheheh
Almost faved but love it.
Though i'll round up:P


Could someone please tell me how to play demo's. I'm missing out on all the fun :(


I beat this pretty quickly, I love the design though!
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thanks a lot astheoceansblue. this level is added to my list
click it and it'll turn a golden yellow = added :)


lol how do you put levels on favs. and just jk bout everything i said b4. but great level


great level 9999999999999999999999999999999999/5




with a capital N. that meaNs its extra fuN.
(okay, bad puN.)
4.5, with a side order of agd-5 (i was too full)
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I love this map (=

Here's a very fast route I found, I'm pretty sure it's the fastest so far... Just one missed gold.
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I Agree

It's got a nice atmosphere, but the gameplay is lacking. The drone tunnels and scattered gold seemed like more of a hinderance than a challenge.


Completion, though it's not that hard to do.
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First try AGD

very unique, really fun. Perhaps a little easy though.

5, regardless
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Soo fun.
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Another 3 seconds

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But is still over 6 seconds faster.
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first try AGD

...minus the 'd'

Not all gold. But the demo I submitted to NTTS 4. In this map, I don't think all gold is always the best option!
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@the review

Not regardless, in spite of, but only to a certain degree. An awful map will be an awful map, no matter how pretty it looks.

Thanks for the feature <3


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All gold

Much fun.
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This map makes me grin just looking at it. I love maps like this.
You've totally set your creative mind free in Camisade, and your work has profited from it.


oh well, almost destroyed everyone, first try too
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my other personality: I concur.

Top rated :)

Thanks guys.
And good runs below, but I'm sure you can get faster ;p

this map.

it makes me happy.



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OOH, pick me!
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That jump *is* nice.
And here's a speeling eror to make you feel better :)

Anyone got an agd?


: (