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Author maximo
Tags action author:maximo bitesized playable rated v1.3c
Created 2005-02-09
by 14 people.
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Description toughy here. The central gauss are unforgiving. I have to go, so no long ramble. hope you all like it. Just a short simple little map.

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I just demoed it again, and got the same frame count.
Demo Data


Fastest. I really do love this map.
Demo Data


Is one of my favorite maps of all time.

Faster yet

Don't know how much more I can shave off of this.
Demo Data

Beat ya

Slightly different path. I think I can tweak this a bit more, too.
Demo Data

All Gold

Not as fast as yours, though.
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COW!! some how i dont think i can beat that

all gold

and fast... i think this would be tough to beat.
Demo Data


i didnt beat it yeat but i will try again. yet again good job.