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Author astheoceansblue
Tags action author:astheoceansblue bitesized inoex playable rated
Created 2006-08-11
Last Modified 2010-03-30
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Description 0-0 from the CC.

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this is really simplistic. i almost thought that drones were going to come out of the walls, but that was just me. nice going with the map though, cool workings.
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Thank you.

I've been looking for a map like this for too long.
Good gameplay that isn't sacrificed for an overstyled tileset. Just plain fun.
Could you explain one thing to me?
Why do you disable ratings on all of your maps?

The N+ version

came from this.

There was a contest to design levels for the various versions of n+, and this level won a slot (along with another of mine).

Read the map credits at the end of the maanual.

OMG this came from N+ on the DS episode 54 or 55

First try AGD

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nice :P

easy going first try all gold demo with heaps of corner hops :)
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Does the name

refer to the sound that the floor guard makes?


800 frame AGD. 4/5
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Midway between Korbchev and deathcloud's demos.
Nice simple map = 4.0
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Faster all gold

very fun.
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Shot and sweet.

I like it! AGD.
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