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Author Lancer0
Tags author:lancer0 playable rated survival v1.3c
Created 2005-02-12
by 19 people.
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Description My second map. I spent a few hours tweaking the difficulty, but it's still too hard for me to complete in one shot. If nobody can beat it within a few days I'll decrease the difficulty some more. Good luck.


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I got it. Exceedingly long demo.
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But I got really lucky in the upper right part.

Then I died stupidly with nothing but easy trails left.
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I was right- I belive you just overtook Maximo and I in the rankings! No. 1! Well done! (Well, me being number 15, it's not much of a feat to overtake me...)

Take a screenshot- you'll want to cherish this moment, just in case maximo overtakes you again. Number one.... wow...
nedcon is only the biggest map maker contest out there. you'll find it under NC6 on the forums.


Wow, I didn't think I'd get so many positive responses.

maximo: When I say second map, I mean this is the second map I've decided was good enough to release. I make a bunch of little practice maps that I just throw away.

THE_DAILY_LLAMA: What's Nedcon? Also, I enjoyed watching your demo... You're so much better than me. :(

Kablizzy: I'm still trying to learn how much is enough. You should have seen how many mines there were before I tweaked the difficulty. :P

Thank you for all this positive feedback. I'm going to try to keep a good standard of quality.

I was close

Nice map.
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very nice. haven't beaten it yet. i did find one thing you should fix. watch the demo.
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Ye gods...

Absolutely love it. I've only got a couple nitpicks... First, there were just a hint too many mines up top, and the map was a small bit on the long side, but the rest was absolutely wonderful. Keep up the good work, and you'll go many, many places.


It's a very good map considering it's only your second, but I'm not quite as enthusiastic as TDL or maximo. Still, very nice.


I second Maximo- but in full capitals.

Keep going like this, and you'll overtake him (not to mention me) in the rankings. Nice job! It's such a shame you're new- you would have ACED nedcon5.

Anyway, I've got to leave home now, so this half- done demo will have to do... I really enjoyed playing this level! I've completed the level in 2 lives, though..... a good difficulty, in my opinion.
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nice stuff man. I can really tell you worked on this one. I enjoyed it through and through. No way this is your second map though, the production values here are great. don't stop authoring.