Power Struggle.

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Author Brttrx
Tags author:brttrx playable puzzle rated
Created 2006-08-16
Last Modified 2006-08-16
by 9 people.
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Description Action/Puzzle.

The second floor guard in the passage ways is hard to get by, so I marked some gold on the #3 tile near the enterance of the passage. It should help you out.


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floating floorguards... always a plus in mapmakings :P 4.5


just because you can't do it don't mean it ain't possible.

non-fbf speed demo. Nice map.
Demo Data
without fbf. it's way too hard anyway.

starter demo

incomplete. i just realized i can't beat it now cuz i can't get past that floor gaurd. 4/5
2 comments and 5 votes. people are just messing with you now.
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when you seaid why dont you vote with my account. when you cant vote your own maps

Very good.

I liked it!
It was too hard for me to want to finish, but I enjoyed it. It's kindof an anti-race.