Le cabine

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Author phov
Tags action author:phov playable rated v1.3c
Created 2005-02-13
by 12 people.
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Description First level ever... Hope you’ll appreciate it. No demo, sorry. I’ve never been able to complete it. Tested all room separatedly though... I’d really like to see somebody do it.


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4/5! Nice level, the mine room was really hard.


Indeed. the mine room is a good challenge... but you got it! Fantastic! Thanks :)

Got it!

There you go.
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I'm fairly close.

As I anticipated, it's difficult to get back to the exit over that mine room.

Good level, by the way.
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Much better

Though not done yet.
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Nice level, it's hard, but not frustrating. Expect more progress soon.
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A bit farther...

Again.. really stupid ending... but I was almost there...
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I like it a lot

Mainly because it has a nice difficulty level and isn't insane.

Fluid Beginning...

Stupid ending... Don’t ask me why.. At least it shows the way through some rooms...
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Thanks a lot for the good comments, if finish it... try to get a demo please!


Nice first level! My favorite room, although it's simple, is the cabin itself. The rest is super fun, and a lot is pretty tough. I love it!