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Author astheoceansblue
Tags action author:astheoceansblue bitesized featured playable rated
Created 2006-08-21
Last Modified 2006-08-21
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Description Simple mine jumper.

This map was featured on 2009-05-22

‘Spires’ by astheoceansblue [] is like a well aged wine; the longer you leave it, the better it becomes. Whether you are simply trying to complete it, audaciously attempting to highscore it or simply enjoy the pleasure of exploring your way though the map, you will adore this level. The map is carefully crafted and despite the fact it’s a medium difficulty mine jumper; it still offers a good deal of flow throughout the level. The strategically placed objects and enemies also add a zesty flavour to the map which will enchant you and keep you coming back. — ska

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gloomp, ardee, ska and i are putting together an unlockable column for n2.0 at m&r's request, of userlevels

this one may be in it, not sure, but anyway you forgot to reset your map apparently so it hugs the ground. for various reasons this will not work in n2.0 so we are making a slight edit and moving the ninja to the normal starting place it gets when you place it in ned. same tile of course.


It's all right.

It really shines on the second half.

fine map..

Rather simple, not many enemies, quite solid. Not to easy which is good. Although I prefer only mines in a mine jumper, the enemies give it a bit of... wonderful sensation. Without them it would seem empty.
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gausses are annoying, anyway 4/5!


reminds me of my style ages ago,


you said on thislike with most featured []
Although on this:
not a very exciting map like the others featured

sub 2000 AGD

really nice, simple minejumper.
I like how the jump out to the trapdoor-key has the perfect distance and the launchpad allows you to just reach the trapdoor, and how the mines aren't restricting, but you are very aware of their presence.
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i couldn't stand you for some reason atob. can't remember for the life of me why. But this map alone completely altered my perception about you. that alone is why this map is close to my heart. thanks mate.

And tyvm

Ska. I wouldn't have chosen this one wither, but I'm glad you liked it enough to :)

This map.

Was pretty much directly inspired by it, yeh. I miss stepself on NUMA ;_;

Very fun map.

It reminds me of stepself's Shell Beach map (I think), but with more open area.

This is Win

Win map is Win




first time I've actually featured somebody else's map ;P

thanks :)

also.. this is my first ever featured map, so I was hoping you guys could cut me some slack lol..




you tell 'im ska!



I respect people's opinions on the most part, however, you rated This Map [] as flawless when it clearly wasn't. I don't think you are in any position to be a barometer of what a featured map entails. But then.. that's just my opinion. Oh btw teraza, I do already know how to use italics ;)

Thanks guys, I'm glad the majority of you enjoyed playing this map. I know I did.
not a very exciting map like the others featured


didn't find it to be too special. I don't know about back then, but 5 tile towers don't feel very atmospheric, and the minejumping wasn't particularly fun.


I just got my first 0th on Episode 137 Level 4.
I totally enjoy this.


its realy like a juicy vine ...only watching the map is a realy temtation xD...and i noticed that theres no place you can still stay xD absolutly amazing ..fave

Wrong demo...
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Most mine-jumpers constrict your movement and jumps so that they must be just so. This has a nice open feel to it, allowing you to move about freely while still having the occasional tricky jump. Perfect :)
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yeah it is but

no one had this date, and it was a long time between drinks you know...
also, this might not arguably be the best mine jumper but it's what started my love for these maps.

I agree with GTM,

but it's still feature worthy. It has a slight buzz that you don't get in other minejumpers.

An all-round well crafted map.

Also, ska.

Day early?

great atmosphere

surprise surprise?
Compared to the balance in some of the other minejumper's I've seen. Cunte Fisto springs to mind. It's still pretty decent, but I wouldn't have chosen it personally.


is how to do italics ska.



After replaying, this is one of the best maps for there-and-back gameplay. Each way is a totally different experiecne. Loved the gauss and FGs, was eh for the Trap Door. Everything looked beautiful, hell the tiles reminded me of Gaudi. Now that's a complement. Anyways, play great, looks great, feels great. 5aved.

Good choice.

I'll post a demo when I have more time.


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by 500 frames. inside can still go faster.
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rofl. i keep coming back to this map. i love my route for the left side.
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was going for agd... and bang. i pull a stupid mistake
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whoot i beat it... now for AGD! ahahaha NOT
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