A far cry from inocence

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Author freik
Tags action author:freik playable unrated
Created 2006-08-26
Last Modified 2006-08-26
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Description This is my ded to Avenged sevenfold, for doing a fucking great show in Sydney. =D

I like the map,turned out nice. Enjoy =]

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Fucking Brilliant!!

5aved. Beautiful tileset, beautiful gameplay and use of one-ways. I'm gonna download a song too. I've never heard of them, but if you like it, then I like it.

details. details.

australia hey? *adds freik to the formica, krusch, ska/Ben_Schultz_11 list and plays map*


*wipes screen*


lol yeah

cerberus: cheating is fixd now
brttrx: =D yes they do

They kick ass.

And so does this level.
(How funny)


Oh, cheatable.

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