They Speed Up??

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Author Jiggerjaw
Tags author:jiggerjaw rated test
Created 2006-08-27
by 9 people.
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Description Interesting discovery.
Watch the demo.

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Very interesting. This demo may be a bit more obvious, as the thwump catches the drone by the wall.
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beanhead = correct

N only processes one AI at a time. Which is why when you have loads of drones they get out of sync.

beanehad is right

its really not suprising at all...ive had to explain the speed thing to other people...although i wasnt sure it ran quite like this...

and to help ppl out, if you run another n window at the same time, they will lag, and youw ill be able to actually see where the drone misses/ gains "speed"

old trick of mine...


not running at the thwump, but being pushed by it

pretty simple

just like when you place too many drones, they end up going at different speeds - probably because the code can only do a certain number of commands at a time? so running at the thwump is taking one too many commands ---> drone misses a movement step/frame/whatever occasionally. i think.


Post this in Bug Reports on the forums, dude.

Actually no.

I think it's a zap drone problem. I'm sure you've all seen the de-synchronization of zap drones.



I never noticed that, although it's only slightly faster.


how do you make the other side of the thwamp come after it


Nice find.


How bizarre.


The point of the map is not that one is faster than the other. If you watch - at least it appears this way - the thwump and zapper move at the same pace, until the thwump has an irregular increase in speed...this is what the map is about ;)
Pretty cool, eh?
that's about the extent of knowledge. But thwumps moving back should be slower than standard zap drones. Nice, simple exploit.


Makes for some good ideas.....


Pretty sure this is a new discovery. Correct me if I'm wrong though
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