Super Smash Bros. Tribute 1

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Author no_common_sense
Tags author:no_common_sense n-art rated
Created 2006-08-27
Last Modified 2006-08-27
by 5 people.
Map Data

Description BEFORE YOU RATE this is meant for an N Art not a play park, it can be somthing to mess around in but it doesnt work so well, thought id clear that up

ill also say this ITS NOT PERFECT so no harsh comments, numa is very restricting with N Art sometimes

can you guess which stage it is? there is probly gonna be a few more after this

rate and comment :)

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luigi's b+up can be just as good...

my fav is dr. mario, though


my fav is kirby ps I have all peoples

wow lol

i didnt know jigglypuff was so popular

hahaha i won the final event with her, use her down b attack in giga bowsers face 5 or 6 times and hes done, mewtwo you just have to be good to beat and get near the edge with gannon and he'll do his up b thing and fall off


Viva la jigglypuff

and jiggles is a girl

Jiggle's owns!

Down and B all the way!

His grabs are good too.

You just have to get used to being called afag for using him tho =(

i mastered jiggles

and i get it....

it needs to be darker
jiggles, you can be mad good.

haha wrong

its battle feild

lol its a pretty bad art when someone cant guess that stage right

i friking kill with fox mario and link
you should have made it look more purple

and i disagree with that link is awesome thing

young link is good, but my favs are:

dr mario


roy (but hes cheap so i barely use him)

samus (same deal)

and jigglypuff

i rock w/jigglypuff

well the reason

i didnt call it playable is cuz i had to put something under the one ways so you could see them and gold was the only one that would work and doesnt kill you so i used that and you fall through it most times

for adding the playability thing, ill probly keep it the way it is and work on that on the next one


link kicks ass


i dont think i will rate that. i liked SSB for a bit but when making the level i think it would have been better if you lost some of their looks and added more N playability. as an n-art it dosnt look nice and as a map it (sorry to say this but you kinda said it yourself) sucks. should at least put some turrets in the playable bit and call it survival as well.