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Author maximo
Tags action author:maximo bitesized featured playable rated v1.3c
Created 2005-02-21
by 75 people.
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Description *evil laugh*

this is a hard map everyone, even by my standards. I really really like it's openness though... there are so many different ways to complete the map its awsome, I'll post a run but see if you come up with a faster/easier route!

good luck

This map was featured on 2008-07-03

Newer users might not appreciate the impact Maximo had on the emerging NUMA community way back when. One of the first greats, with maps consistantly at the top, he helped set the standard for action playability and design.

'Flight' remains both one of his brightest moments and one of the most satisfying and tense challenges on NUMA.

The thwumps act as lifts to an exhilarating aerial playground as the dual rockets relentlessly pursue your poor, increasingly fragile ninja.

Rarely has 'gold rush' been more accurate. — astheoceansblue

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I had the weirdest feeling of deja-vu playing this map. It's almost as if I've played this before.

um... what.

o_O check demo
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fastest route I could find
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In response to nnhs

Register on the forums ( There is a thread in the high score section about nreality. Unreality can try to figure out what's wrong (he created it).


haven't i seen this idea before?


so what should i do?
the forum (methanet) there is no one (exapt me ^^)


If you want to complain, then do so, but no one will hear you. If you really want a change, then apply for a reviewer position. But just stiiting at your computer, crying, will get you no where.


i'm german so i try to speak english. I'm also new at this forum and i don't know exactly where i sould post my problem. Ok here we go:
My Problem:
I have nreality6c2 on my computer (for a long time ^^) Since Yesterday i can't play maps with mods or images. (i mean: i can play this maps but the special effect aren't there)
i can't log in (there stand always: error:) and if i create a new user there stand error:

So ich habe ein Problem mit nreality:
Die karten, die für nreality eigentlich sind (also mit hintergrundsbilder, mini, ohne gravitation,....), funktionieren seit gestern nicht mehr ...
Außerdem kann ich mich nicht mehr bei nreality einloggen (sieh. bild)

i hope someone could help me soon
mfg, magista


I'm still awful at this level.


this map brings back memories of all of maximo's other great levels. thnx, atob, for reminding us all of this.


nor heard of the mapmaker. and i've been around for several years. not just idly sitting by, but perusing the archives. i'm not a stranger to the community, but i still haven't played this one.


AMLT, deal with it.
I enjoy it a lot more now. 5aved
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All gold.

But I can do better.
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In retrospect

You definitely deserve to be on top this time. I've been on top the past five times!

I just beat this...

in N v. 1.4, and I must say this is quite possibly my favorite level of all time. (5/5 & faved)


I made this harder than it is.
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In retrospect

That sounded very arrogant. I just meant that I wouldn't attempt to perfect it, as you really deserve to be on top.


N meets an untimely death =(
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Amazing route. I'm sure if I wanted to, I could perfect your route, but I'm not going to. You deserve the credit.

Fear me...

See uberdemo.
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Holy crap

I beat tktktk's time. With style.
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Someone rated this down and didn't leave a comment!!! :O


I rated this a 5, the name explains itself. Really good jumps.


I rated this a 5, the name explains itself. Really good jumps.


hi ur maps good im pretty bad at it though ull laugh at my demo. oh could please visit my map please please!
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I don't know...

Echarin, mine was cool because it was fast, but you had some pretty slick rocket dodging in yours.


Sorry, I posted that before seeing tktktk's speed run. My demo was NOT stylish. From now on, NOTHING is stylish, at least not when that demo is still around...


It's not that fast, but I did it with !STYLE!.
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I wish I could do THIS more than once...
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Demos are fun!
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correction on my 4/5
this map deserves 5 ninjas...


Argh and more argh... best demo EVA.
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Oh happy day...

Sweet awesome, it's got 5 FRICKIN NINJAS! Many combolations, maximo, for this amazing acheivement.


Arachnid's already been notified, he should be coming along to fix this any time now.


Someone out there has no life.... Anyways, can we get some administration in here and ban this idiot?


I didn't mean including him. I think they do it to you because you're always on top, and therefore the most prominent target. But just because this happened doesn't mean we can't enjoy the map. Faster completion demo. ;)
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99% tktktk

i'm sure he thinks he's a revolutionist...

but why my maps, it ALWAYS happens to my maps...