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99% tktktk

i'm sure he thinks he's a revolutionist...

but why my maps, it ALWAYS happens to my maps...

Wow DUDE50...

I don't know what you were trying to prove with this, but rest assured that 100% of the people here now consider you the biggest moron on the face of the planet.


What happened to the rating on this map?
but no, tktktk is just the N master.... *grumble*
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man nice run tktktk

so nice.


wow tktktk that was amazing, i loved the bit where 1 rocket goes either side of you and loops round. you know the bit i mean...


slowest demo ever. but i love just taking my time to enjoy this level. superb 5/5
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This level is hard! Still, 5/5!


Is excellent, wonderful level!

Faster speed run...

Yes, thank you, but I already know I'm amazing.
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Aww dang...

That was fast. :(


Perfect 5 ninja rating. Congrats, and this sooo deserves it.

speed run

seeing as I can't come close to that all gold perfection.
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/me gets giddy

too much IRC... but ty very much, nice run too man...


THANK YOU for making this, it's by far one of the best maps I have ever seen. I'm 100% in love with it. 5 ninjas easily, and a faster all-gold demo. I'm deadly serious when I say you deserve a column of your own in the main game.
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you are just amazing lucidium. That was just wowing. I agree about the thwumps too, I was plesasntly suprised how well they worked in the level since they seem very out of place.

Ahhh...lll gold.

That was harder than I thought it would be. Still great fun though, there's so many different ways to get each strip of gold.
Also, love the way the thwumps work.
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not so fast... not much gold too... 4/5 nice level
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if that's what you want.... hehe

good luck man, you'll probally need it.

Really fun.

It's not too hard if you're not worried about getting the gold. So, of course, I'll have to give an all-gold a shot.
No promises though (damn you and your addictive maps).
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nice level


woo woo, not particuarly fast and not much gold.
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