Pandora's Box

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Author maximo
Tags action author:maximo bitesized playable rated v1.3c
Created 2005-02-22
by 15 people.
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Description :::WARNING::::

The following map is insane and just flat out crazy. Do not attempt if you are not great at N. This is the most crazy map ever. Good luck those of you who try it, you'll need every bit of it.

and I have beaten it many times... so don't whine it's impossible. Don't rate if it's to hard for you, this map wasn't made for the casuall N player.

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very difficult but very fun, died at least 50 times but finally got it. Make more of these bit sized challenges.
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holy shit

you my good sir are misleading, I am very good at N but not GODLIKE

me likey

nice map tho :) 3/5

Pandora's Box

Should better be left unopend :P


all-gold demo here guys......
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have i ever said how much i hate you lol....

im only joking, but skill is better than luck imo.
Quois!? Qué?


This is definitely going in my sig! Faster than the original demo, but certainly nowhere near the fastest.
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Just pure luck. Just puuuuuure luck...
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but I couldn't ever do it. I did it once in testing and never since. Nice work. And LV, you are amazing.

the fastest .

super duper fast and very shaved, good luck beating this.
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i made my demo before watching anyone elses demo's, then after looking at them it is indeed strange how similar the runs are, it must be a most obvious route or something.


faster than blizzy

this also took a lot less time than i thought. the first time i completed it i got 249, then straight after that i got this 248 haha. wicked level
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hard... fun!


An Alternate Route.
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And faster than the Max.
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Here it is. All-gold completion. Finally.
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yea I suck

this defines my night....
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I just watched Maximo's almost-perfect demo. It's scary how similar our paths were...
This isn't the closest I've gotten, but it's the demo I saved before I got tired of exploding. Maybe I'll try again later.
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No fair.... my finger slipped.....

... As of yet I am abstaining from looking at the "solution".
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I was one jump away... one jump... but no... crap times a million.
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This demo contains the answer to the Box, do not watch if you want to figure out the way yourself.
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I'm amazed that it was the gauss that picked me off!

As for this map- yeah, I like it, but it is gut- wrenchingly hard. I've almost made it once or twice, but this demo is pretty spectacular, if you ignore the fact I die.
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