Ninja Gaiden

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Author Psycho_CO
Tags action author:psycho_co playable rated
Created 2006-09-02
Last Modified 2006-09-02
by 8 people.
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Description god, that game is awesome

but really freakin' hard


this is a chaingun/gauss/mine jumper map

fun and hard

ratings appreciated

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@B=L, maybe if you read the README file, you'd know what to do. e.e

Kinda easy.

I didn't even look at the (large) ammount of comments.
PS: B=L is a dumbass.
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I just hate it when newbs come in and rate unplayed maps. But I had you mistaken. Also, I know what you mean, making maps is amazing, once you pop, you can't stop.

Enjoy Numa and making maps buddy. Good luck :]

but now i do


Alright xdude

no hard feelings
Its just that iv been a new player 4 a while and iv been REEEEEEEAAAALY eager 2 start building a map.
and i dont even no how
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A very funny demo..

Demo Data


Sorry 'dude'

Brttrx had already told you how.

faster completion
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big button?

WHERE IS the big button. i dont see no "userlevels button


ill hav u know something Xman.
i DID play that freakin level, I CANT get a replay data since i COULDNT beat it. AND if ur not gonna help out an innocent new player find his way 2 the mapmaker,
well screw u then. im gonna just keep asking untill someone answers me


You're not suppose to correct me. Think about it though, if he don't how to make a map, I'm sure he don't know how to access the userlevels.

completion. 4/5
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the big button that says userlevels.


@ B=L

I have a question. How do you know if it's not possible if you didn't play it??? If you don't know how to get into N-ed to make a map, you certainly don't know how to get into N-ed to play one.

So you rated without playing, just great my friend, great.
its just a puzzle element
Demo Data


how the hell is...


one second

PS im tired of asking this, but will somebody explain how 2 get 2 the mapmaker!!!!

Tis interesting

Didn't care much for the gauss though