eventual dehabitation

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Author Psycho_CO
Tags action author:psycho_co playable rated
Created 2006-09-04
by 7 people.
Map Data

Description a ded to all map makers who have gone away from NUMA either because they have either grown tired with N and NUMA and want to go on in life or people who were tired of having the living shit sniped out of their maps.

we all miss your maps and hope for your happiness

...god that last part was gay

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Way too much gold.

Everything is like cluttered. O_o 3.5

Hey, guess what?

the first vote was a 1/2


I meant

go on with their lives without N

i never said they didnt have one

...they might not of but thats not what i meant
dude. You know what he meant.
Agreed. ^^
Ok, now im serious,whats your point with "and go on with life" ? I have a life AND play N, I think most people also do...or at least I hope ! o.O !