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Author Psycho_CO
Tags action author:psycho_co playable unrated
Created 2006-09-04
Last Modified 2006-09-04
Rating 2 more votes required for a rating.
Map Data

Description worthy to be my 99th map

(i want to make a race for my 100th)

pretty hard

extremely hard all-gold

dont give yourself a heart-attack trying to get an agd

but ill make a ded for anyone who gets an agd

anyway rate, comment, and, have fun

...even though, in the great words of sendy, there is the enevitable clusterfuck of 3.5's and people complaining "it's too clustered" or "theres too much gold"

well, too bad

thats how i make maps

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you wouldn't

That is an amazing race, regardless.

And I rated anyway.


Rate it

or else ill delete this:

Beg for it.

you know...

a RATING would be nice
i want to make it great

and not nearly as hard as some others



take some time on it.

I'm expecting something great.


i got rid of a stupid map

this is now number 99

i see what you mean


I really wish you would've made a race for your 100th.