Pipe It Junior

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Author dejablue4
Tags action author:dejablue4 playable unrated
Created 2006-09-04
Last Modified 2006-09-05
Rating 4 more votes required for a rating.
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Description Miniature sized version of 80-4 of course... this level is for n players like me that had trouble with the original Pipes... this one is much easier... please rate, comment, post demos, and of course enjoy!

Credit goes to lancer0 for creating Pipes

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first try AGD

solid 4.0
Demo Data


sorry i didnt credit lancer0 directly... but did you have to base your rating on that?


the origional was a user level a long time ago, give credit where credit is due its not a metanet map. 3.5/5

Fun map dude.

One of my favorite maps.
4.5 and faved

completion demo

i thought it felt the same as the original just easier :/ oh well i tried :)
Demo Data


It's just loss something being minaturized, doens't feel, whole, still pretty good map.

Fun little map.

4.5 Good junior pipes.