Which stationary N object are you?

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Author blue_tetris
Tags author:blue_tetris rated test
Created 2006-09-07
by 35 people.
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Description Try this other personality test!!!

How it works:

Enter the first room and then read the first statement in this description. If you consider this statement to be true of yourself, press the button in this room. If you don't think the statement applies to you, move onto the next room without hitting the button.

Move through each room, either pressing the button or passing it up, until you get to the bottom. Then complete the level (or at least try to)!

Make sure to completely hit the switches in the room if you think the statement is true. Otherwise, you may end up with poor results.


Room 1: People consider me to be kind and caring.

Room 2: I try not to stand out in most situations.

Room 3: I manage to "get around", if you know what I mean...

Room 4: People find me to be zany and fun-loving.

Room 5: Some people find me to be imposing or intimidating.

Room 6: People can't stand my company for very long.

Room 7: I always make good use of my time.

Room 8: Some people find me to be confusing.

Room 9: People consider me to be rude or stand-offish.

Room 10: People consider me to be stable.

What does each object represent?

Gold: You are helpful, fun-loving, an effective communicator, and relatively unimposing. Your emotional side makes you seem occasionally unstable or prone to anxiety.

Bounceblock: You are sometimes viewed as a tad unorthodox, but come off as a relatively stable individual. You may be awkward in social situations, but you have a good heart.

Launchpad: You are wacky, weird, and practice indiscretion a little too often. You tend to be straight-forward about the things you want and some people find your candidness to be a little off-putting.

One-way: You are a goal-oriented, emotionally stable, and pragmatic. You believe in strong, healthy relationships. Some people consider you to be a little uptight at times.

Mine: You are a loner. In social situations, many people find you to be nervous and awkward. Your loner nature makes you difficult to approach and even more difficult to maintain a conversation with. You are paranoid and take too many comments as insults.

What if I couldn't complete the level?

You are the ninja. You are a very odd sort, socially. You like to talk a lot, but oftentimes you alienate the people you're talking to. You are generally well-natured, if people can overcome most of your eccentricities.

What if I could complete the level in more than one way?

Pick whichever one has more doors open. Otherwise, pick the one closest to the left wall.

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Guess I'm gold according the rules. Interesting concept.

I'm the gold


1 R T3H N1NJ4!!!

Spot on.


the it sure seems like me



agd :)

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yayaya. spot on.


u r a god! and proved my theory that im the ninja!


I got it so the doors were all closed =(
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I got Gold, bounce block, and launch pad all with same amout of doors.

Im a bounce block

I wonder if i could get a job as a bouncer.

I'm the gold!

Demo Data

I'm the gold!

Demo Data

Im a ninja

and surprised!


im a launchpad

Very cool indeed

I'm gold. 5aved
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I'm afraid. Still cool though.
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im gold haha


i died lol


Bounceblock here.
one of these thats like 20 questions.


16 votes in 50 minutes. O_o
Just as many doors open on all of them. Technically, because of the rules, I'm gold, but I prefer it to be ambiguous between the three rather than choose one of them.
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Oh my gosh...

that... (Gold) 5/5 for the psychic map.

@ john_jarvinen

You can be a little bit of 2 things I think o.O


That was fun, and the result I got matched me pretty well. Bounceblock :)
Do you know me or something!? o.O


the ninja, although i am not eccentric.


Mutha' Fuckin' One-Way.
is this a glitch?
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But at least no mine ! ^^
I'm just 15, things can change =] !
Demo Data



I Got "Ninja"..

..but I'm nothing like that description. =O!


Oh shit...

I am a mine...that described, you are nuts BT


i like your comments u should make like a book or poetry

What is this?


(As a pun from my-space)

Cool level!
BUT! I did the quiz and i was locked out of all the rooms, I guess nobody loves me, or I suck at N... probably both... (X_X)


Bt, your just plain nuts...


Perfect Description.

I'm the launchpad.