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Author nevermore
Tags author:nevermore playable rated survival
Created 2006-09-07
Last Modified 2006-09-07
by 18 people.
Map Data

Description Gravity.
Sequel to:
I did not forget to reset it.
If you don't get it, leave it alone.

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the utter misuse of this word or the pretentious attitude of nevermore to poorly defend this first-come pat-on-the-back gimmick.

It's disgraceful.'s quite annoying


Well, at least I managed to nab some gold
Demo Data

Demo Data


Making it a survival was a little joke. You obviously didn't get it. Cool.


puttin it in N Art would not make me like it.

But putting in in a playable maps section is just stupid. Same as when people put tilesets in here, why?

There are sections for a reason, keeps things seperated. If I want PLAYABLE maps I go into the PLAYABLE section.

But you know what, who cares, just a game. DO whatever you like.


Livens sucks. What difference does it make what category it were in? Would you suddenly adore this map if it were in "N Art?" Think about how petty that is. I ask you to make of this what you will, and there's no need to treat me like an idiot, yes? This map is what it is, take it of leave it. I have no tolerance for comments as lame as yours.


Make a real map, No thats not what I said. I said amke THIS map a real map.

I like most of his other maps, butt hese have no purpose in the playable maps section as far as I can tell.



Next week I will be debuting my new maps.. basically you just watch N sit in solotude in a 1x1 square. Each map the square will move... They will allow people to reflect inwards and release their inner beauty

Make a real map?

You're telling nevermore to make a real map, and you're being serious about it?


Flippin' Awesome! 5/5


its retarded... get off your philosophical high horse and make it a real map, not some idiotic unplayable peice of art.

Put these P'sOS in the NON-PLAYABLE section.

What part of

'If you don't get it, leave it alone' didn't you quite get?

The other map

made no sence either...

So what ARE you meant to do?
the one with the link, You are not meant to get out.

I dont get it

and I will not leave it alone!

So are we suppose to move N ourselves to play the rest of the level? Or am I an idiot and there is a way past the first exit?



tilesets abit weird