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Author nevermore
Tags author:nevermore playable puzzle rated
Created 2006-09-08
Last Modified 2006-09-09
by 14 people.
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Description Dedicated to Livens.
A real map.

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Your so reactive :D

You're funny. XD

I don't think I'll like this map too much, but only because this isn't my thing. I don't rate everything down that I'm not into, because that ain't fair.


you're an idiot. You 2.5'd me, to which I ASKED (you can tell, it was only a question) if that was vengeful. Then I blatantly said "No worries." Then you acted as if I was making a big deal out of it and told me to lighten up. Whatever. I told you I _really_ didn't care. Then you start arguing with blue_tetris. Bizarre. I told you once again that I didn't care, but that you were being pathetic. You apologized, I told you ONCE AGAIN that I didn't care. Never, not once, did I retaliate. So stop misconstruing what I said and stop blemishing the comments page of my map with your lame-ass comments, alright?
Thank you.

Perfect tileset.

I'm very confuzzled. 4.5
i'm not taking this shit anymore. If you didn't care you wouldn't retaliate. I guess I'm not sorry, you don't deserve it. Nice demo.


I have ADD because I stood up for my map?

ska, really, I honestly couldn't care less if you rated my map a 2.5.


Yeah, that's right, he's a retard. In fact, let's all call people who leave bad comments on peoples maps retards and claim that they have ADD. You are a real genious, chrisont.

omg, nevermore!

you are the biggest retard cometimes. I saw what you wrote to livens on your last map too. Go take some ADD tablets. I don't think it was that good either.

I'm sorry.



Hated my newest map Isaac. It's a sarcastic dedication, but light-hearted.

why'd you

dedicate it to limer?

I tried

but alas, i have no skills.

fun though, 5 for creativity


personally, i loved it

just enough challenge

(no demo, sorry)

Pathetic, ska.

Not only do you vengefully rate my map down, you use the rating system which you just (and previously have) abused to justify your status.
Sad, really.
i don't have a grudge against you or anybody for that matter nevermore.
i found it stale and not to my tastes. And if #3 on the authors list is 'no-good'.


I don't care.

Complete demo.

Demo Data

hey man,

lighten up, if you can't stand it I'll get my friend to rate you a 5, savvy?

No worries, though.

No point resubmitting. It's on the comments for everyone to see.

That's bizarre.

I'd resubmit, man. No need worrying about jealous no-goods. This is definitely 4+ material.


Was I just revenge 2.5'd?