Deactivate the Turrets

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Author exuberance
Tags action author:exuberance playable unrated
Created 2006-09-08
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Description This level has 'fake' or 'lifeless' ninjas to make the turrets look like they are being controlled by a person. The ninja you control is outide the turrets under the golden arrow. If, for some peculiar reason, you start out as a ninja in a tower instead... well, that shouldn't happen. This level is possible to beat with or without practice mode on. To complete the level, hit the buttons in each of the towers. This will make a trap door close, preventing the turrets from shooting, and will open up a door blocking the exit. The middle tower has a gaussian turret and the other towers have rocket launchers. :D


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Your first map ... I 5aved


That launchpad was really suprising =/
Demo Data

Nice Idea...

Your first map ? I'll test it now, recording a demo ^^