Frozen Coil

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Author freik
Tags action author:freik featured playable rated
Created 2006-09-14
Last Modified 2006-09-14
by 38 people.
Map Data

Description have a fun =D. lol

This map was featured on 2009-04-08

Don't worry about the cold. All it really does is numb the pain. But you have to keep moving to stay warm; keep your heart rate up; grab gold to survive; make your way through a dream suspended in ice. It's journeys like these that develop survival skills for times when you're dodging rockets while running a gauntlet or trying to avoid a sniper in the dark.
Try not to "freik" out. This landscape, this playground, is frozen through and through. Be sure you don't slip on your way to transcendence. — origami_alligator

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Too hard

but it's a great map that is featured. 4/5

It's good

but it is really hard


"I don't think many people would be excited to hear about gold that looks as though it was almost placed at random, or to be careful on the right-hand section because the gauss turret can get you very easily."

this sounds like map description in itself. so no; I don't like that.

whatever though, it's cool, i agree that featurers can express themselves, but it doesn't really entice me to play it at all..


I think the point of a review is to get you to play the map. I don't think many people would be excited to hear about gold that looks as though it was almost placed at random, or to be careful on the right-hand section because the gauss turret can get you very easily.

I believe in this:
Leave it up to the player to play the map and the reviewer to give a fantastically ridiculous account of what it is like to play the map.




I wish people would just write reviews rather than a second map description
but I didn't.. too awkward.

hey, this map

kickawesome it was, kickawesome it is. <5


not sure how good it is
Demo Data

that at me? lol

it's been like 2.5 years since i played this map last..
Failed joke =D
freik got freiktured..

theres to many "friek"ing puns put on this "freik"ing map and i can't "freik"ing say anything alse but that this map is "freik"ing good. "FREIK" YA! "friek"/five

no pun intended ^^


Everything is well placed.
5aved :-)


"I shit you not"

fantasic level

though i thought that getting the key and the door was a bit hard maby not so many mines next time ;)
I remember this map well.

Pretty nice.

Demo Data


the only place I felt the gameplay was lacking was with the bounce blocks.
But oh man, is it the map or do I suck? Well, I'm lagging a lot and all the consequent loops is pretty cool. A nice feature, and overall worth the feature.


anyone else think the gameplay was slightly icky?


I'd already played/commented. Oh well, have both :p

Not bad.

The tiles are really nice, but the object placement feels very cluttered and slightly thoughtless.

While spontaneous mapping is better than contrived, there's not enough craftsmanship here and the gameplay suffers for it (the bounceblock section at the top especially so).

An above average map overall.

Good review.


So nice 5/5 nid jump on edge to get exit thing isit..


very nice.......

Glad the review's up though, both the map and the review were exceptional.


is what Featured maps should be about. Good review too.

not map data...

level data....

i want to know....

How to add a map... where is map data?!
Wow.This was really fun,and frustrating enough to keep me playing.Awesome tileset though, with only 3 enemies, this is a great map,it's a masterpiece.And great concept though,the rocket was very annoying.


love the review origami!
keep it up!

btw, what a freiky name


One of the best, if not *the* best feature i've ever seen. I wish I had found this map earlier. Grats on the feature, and very very nice choice Origami.


I want to see the review you might have done for this map! I think it'd be interesting to see the differences.


i shit you not i was going to feature this

Yay new feature!

Great review, great map. There's so many different elements in this map yet it nEver feels overly done. There's not too much to else to say. agree with O.A.

this is

fucking brilliant. Extremely in-depth gameplay that keeps going and going.



A little too messy in design for my tastes, but quite a solid play.