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Author freik
Tags action author:freik featured playable rated
Created 2006-09-16
Last Modified 2006-09-16
by 17 people.
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Description Resubmitted. this didnt get looked at. i like it its a new style for me... check it out.

This map was featured on 2020-05-13

In honour of N 1.4 turning 15 years old on May 15, I've decided to wind back the clock to 2006, when NUMA was a hive of activity and ideas were as fresh as they were experimental. Freik, an underappreciated mapper who inspired PALEMOON [] (of all people) when he was starting out, has created a conventional-looking map with an unconventional mechanic. While the snake mechanic wasn't new—even at the time—the snake was used here in harmony with a perfectly placed chaingun and rocket. A fun episodic romp that deserves your eyeballs. — ska

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i like this

Happy belated

15 years N1.4!!!!

hehe! no worries!

There's still quite a few, but they're mostly active on the N++ Discord. :)


I meant to say how many of us are left now. Not sure how i missed typing that word O_o

How many what?

Years? People?


cool look back ska. How many of are left now?

Excellent map.

Thanks for reviewing, ska. Great to see.


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4/5 Keep this new style up!


A huge meh on the snake idea


a faster AGD

but i died -_-
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i really like it, i think the combination of various things that many ppl make an entire level out of works very well...

Slow AGD

nice map. Nice style. 3.5/5
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