Seismic Fries [EXTENDED]

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Author invader
Tags action author:invader playable rated
Created 2006-09-16
by 6 people.
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Description I did indeed extend this level, but it is still a mini map. I am relatively pleased with it, me still being not that great at making playable maps. Please feed my back. Check out my N Arts and other maps too please.

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meh. ok level...
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That turret wasn't meant to be hidden, I put it on top of the b-block in Ned, but it hid it automatically.


1. Don't hide things, ever, only about 1-in-a-thousand times is hiding things good.

2. Repetitive, it all seemed a little boring.

3. Adding gold can make a map more enjoyable, better aesthics, all that stuff, the people like gold.

4. Symmetrical levels are fun, but try experimenting with some weird shapes, your good at tilesets, so try to make a map out of one you think up.

This level is a pretty good level, I'd say 3.5/5, it has flow, just a little boring.


I will work on that, I intended it to be a gauss based level, but I guess if you think it should be like that I will add more variety to my future maps.

fast-ish completion

the flow of this was actually really good... but like evil__ said, i would like some more gold and less gausses... still 4/5 for the flow
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It's quite good, but I would add gold and drones instread of so many guasses.
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