Defeat the Mech 2

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Author exuberance
Tags action author:exuberance playable rated
Created 2006-09-16
by 5 people.
Map Data

Description A harder (maybe impossible?) version of my first Defeat the Mech. This time he has a chaingun, rocket launcher, gauss turret, laser, and lots and lots of mines. By the way, don't hit the springs behind the mech. They are high powered and terribly evil. Muhahahaha...

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i beat it...took me many many tries but i beat it!
Demo Data

Laggs quite badly

so I have no demo for ya, but it looks very possible. But those amounts of enemies are just unnecessary, and some parts look a bit clustered. However, it looks like you put some work into this so i'll give a 3 based on effort alone.