Geedy Sponzales

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Author invader
Tags author:invader playable race rated
Created 2006-09-17
Last Modified 2006-09-17
by 13 people.
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Description Still working on my playable map-making skill. My last map flowed well so I decided to try my hand at a race, this is the result. I followed your tips and added gold and a variety of enemies (hopefully I didn't overuse any). It is an easy map. Please feed my back and check out my other maps!

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Thanks for the feedback, but what do you mean by solid?

Fun :D

Risky and full of action,I like it.

P.S:For an unkown reason the demo data is giving me an error when I submit it so I guess they have to fix that.

not bad.

repetitive but fun
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Great map

loved the flow good 4.5
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not bad

i agree with dejablue, this is a solid 3.5/5

Demo Data

well maybe so

but that was just my opinion... its probably just me


I thought the trap door propulsion made it better because you would be going faster at the floor guard, and it helped the speed of things, and once you'd done the first one (and perhaps died) you'd expect it each time there was a trap door.
i hated that trap-door propulsion... it was just so unexpected... and instead of outlining the path with gold, try making a specific gold pattern and scattering it every now and then along the path... otherwise, this is pretty solid 3.5