The Rocket and the Mountain

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Author astheoceansblue
Tags action author:astheoceansblue bitesized featured playable rated
Created 2006-09-19
Last Modified 2009-06-23
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Description Taken from my Nedcon 7 Epsiode.

Some attention here [] please.

This map was featured on 2009-06-23

What a hot map. One mechanism I always like is having two aesthetically divided sections that still play in nearly the same way, but with individuality. The Rocket and the Mountain accomplishes this to a tee. On top, you've got a classic rocket/bounce block area--with some added mines for spice. Inside? Merely a perfect drone that acts as a second, speedier floorguard, and some nicely spaced gold. All in all, a perfect example of atob’s style at it’s best.

Oh no, I just actually talked about the map and nothing else. Help!

Hey look over here! Seven extra words! — flagmyidol

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This is great mapping.

all gold

this is rather nice how it all just...fits together
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fun map
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Can you bite me?

Maybe some of your greatness will drip into my flow of blood.

This is nice,

thanks for bringing it under my attention.




I really liked this map, challenging but still easy enough for a noob like me to complete.

Terrible AGD death.

Good feature.
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this is one of the best features I have played in a while.

Thank you.
I can't believe how smoothly the rocket area plays. Spectacular map.

And that's okay flagmyidol, I'll post it tomorrow. This one certainly deserves attention anyway.



really well done

that you are able to use the same basic mechanics over and over to create great theming while keeping gameplay engaging.

this era

had some of the best any maps...this was a good time to play N
A good choice of map, too.

And same, l_d. This is probably my favourite era.

This era,

had some of my favourite atob maps.


Forgot. 179, could you possibly hold off on your feature tomorrow til late in the day so atob's map can have some 'tention?
Okay if you can't.

Soooorry it's late.

Anyway, great map blah blah blah, may AGD later. Have a nice day.

bounece block

coomment placed bounceblock


you are one of the best mapakers, you are even up there with littleviking001


who bitesized?

when was the last time you made a map that wasn't bitesized?

sehr gut


125.875 sec

barely made it
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the best mapmaker on numa. this map is no exception.

5/5 and a fave too.

You're right.

I took it down as to not detract from the episode pack at the time.

Thx for the comments.
I have the Nedcon pack, but I remember saying how I loved the inner part of the mountain and rated it a 5.

Nevertheless, you can have a 5.. again? :/

very nice



See the description.

kinda fast all gold

very fun
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