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Created 2006-09-20
by 15 people.
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Description Map!

This map was featured on 2010-06-23

Some maps are formed because the user has a concept planned. Some come to be after the mapper spams E tiles and turns it into a tileset. It takes something else to grab a blot of paper and scribble lines, mark gold and mines and like what you see.

In my opinion, this map is as interesting as it is relaxing. The drones are there to keep you awake whilst you plan your AGD, and make that one inevitable mistake that causes you to plunge to your death.

I know what I'm doing during my next history lesson. — ChrisE

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You may want to look through Featured Maps again.

i'm not sure

how you can think this map is boring
it has tons of paths and neat interactions with the objects and has a really unique play


Pretty average map and review imo. I did like the seekers though.
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ummm, this map just bothered me because it was messy and the aesthetics were in the toilet, and yes, it was pretty enjoyable to play just looking at it makes me wanna puke.
Nice choice.

This is so strange to me. I feel like I'm looking at someone's photograph and marveling at how similar he looks to me, and then realizing it's my grandfather.

Only, you know, as far as N map traits go. I feel like I can sense elements of my own mapping style in here. This is giving me the willies.
Also I like the map. :) 4aved. The way gold, mines and tiles set up makes it really awesome. Agd;
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I've ever played.



very cool. Faved.
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very kool, 4
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i dont like that gold at the top... not very fun to get imo... but still nice fun map 4/5


gimme a sec to all gold this then i'll rate :)
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Sucktastic completion.
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