Bugs, bugs, and bugs- The Collectors Edition

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Author formica
Tags author:formica rated test v1.3c
Created 2005-03-04
by 45 people.
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Description Yet more bugs from the master of bug- and- code- glitchingness.

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would someone please go in to teleporters, i can't figure out how to do them


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I love how you win, but you really...don't :-D

2nd door

In my opinion you can reach the 2nd door only in the editor mode (press the ~). If you play it there N exists also after reaching the door. Then the jump pad beam you up to the 2nd way. Thanks



just watch and learn:
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How do you get to finish using the 2nd door. I only manage the one in the middle - on the one further to the left.


I loved it and beat it.. But when I looked back at my high score replay on the userlevels meaning it is a replay of a win I got this wierd glitch.. O_o
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You truly are the master of bugs/glitches. But of course I should post a demo of my victory, so here it is =D, Long but good! 4.5/5 Ninjas, only because it's a test level which aren't meant to get 5's... Shame that
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this is how to beat it.
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floor guards

how did you get the floor guard to go back and forth on the doors like that? it was amazing. i have the perfect idea for a level if i could figure out that glitch

Thank you

thanks for enlightening me. my new map i just made used a "super" jump pad, and i could actually cahnge how fast it would shoot me to .5 digits. i didnt think i would b able to. i wanted it to shoot me at 1.5, because 1 was too slow and 2 would kill me in the level! thank again


after putting a pad into a level in will be in the code and will look like this 2^444,264,0,-1 but with different numbers, the 2^ is saying that its a jump pad, the next 2 3 digit numbers (444,264) are the co-ordinates, the location of the pad in the level. then the last 2 numbers are the direction properties, the left number is the horizontal, so as this is 0 it means its an up or down, then the right number is the vertical one, this particular pad is an upwards facing one. changing these last 2 numbers changes the speed, to teleport, the speed is so fast that ninja moves too fast to be seen, even through walls and stuff, but im not getting into teleporters.


I have searched the site and can not find a tutorial, or anything that says how to make the jump pads shoot you faster(aka in the edit menu the line going out of the circle for the jumppad is longer) I noticed it was in yolur map, and was wondering if you or anyone that reads this could tell me what to edit in the map data to get this to happen. Thanks


Atramentis says: I love these! keep them coming. I am always amazed and usually end up doing them at least 5 times!