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Author nevermore
Tags action author:nevermore bitesized playable rated v1.3c
Created 2005-03-07
by 16 people.
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Description Resubmitted.
I know... It looks like a cat. It\'s pretty easy to win, and simewhat harder to get all gold.
Um... Just a really fun level with a nice flow. If you look at it for a little while, you\'ll see that the whole structure is basically big brackets.
Watch out, that floor guard is satan.
Although you might not like it because half isn't used, bear in mind that you don't need all gold. If people want, I'll submit another version with only the bottom half.

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Felt a little empty somehow, but was definitely fun to play on. Here's my all gold demo.
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I'm not resubmitting them. My entire first page of maps are unrated. Look, I'm not saying it's a huge problem, I'm just saying that if everyone did it this place would be chaos - that's why no-one should do it.

Nothing personal.
Why aren't you voting? If I hadn't resubmitted it, nobody would have seen it aside from you and Kablizzy.
What's unfair? I deleted the old version.


I'm guessing you're submitting this again because of the Yanu map flood? Well, I don't think that's particularly fair.

I caught this fine the first time, so I'm not gonna vote on it again.

I suppose it's a matter of opinion and perspective, though.


Pretty fast all gold demo. The drones move in such a way that after I win, I stay alive forever.
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