I think he did something wrong, did he?

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Author Dragon_Moon
Tags author:dragon_moon bitesized n-art rated
Created 2006-10-01
by 150 people.
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Description My new n art. isnt he cute?

Please dont see it as a comeback or something like that. School is getting harder and harder and i dont have that much time.

But sometimes ill submit some maps of course ;)

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im just gonna say me, its a dissapointment compared to some of your other arts...

dont get me wrong, its very good...but its just not THAT great...i dont actually have hardly anything to say against it, which is a tribute to your skill, but its just too simplistic, nothing compared to your previous complexity...

oh, one thing of critisism, the try at a 3d looking head(can see front and side) didnt work very well for me, there seems to be a difference between the jaw and rest of head(no 3d, attempt at 3d)

alright, this is rather long, and im sure most ppl will think im an asshole for critisizing and that you are still godlike regardless of what i say, so i take my leave

love it

lol i like the N guy he's just like HUH?


the dragon's scales are incredibly realistic, and the note is too. 4.5


Wow is all I can say!


every piece of art i've seen here is spectacular! NICE ONE DRAGON_MOON! i rate it a >5/5<


Like dragon ^.^

what the

when the map is loaded why is the lasers trying to shoot the ninja art


I got the 100th vote!!!!

And just for that it's a 5


is that the body of the dragon at the bottom

he's gone.



you feeling alright?

pretty good

but not as awesome as some of your other ones.

freakin awesome

5aved, but what's the point?


This art is a bit messy and unappealing to me. Sorry about that. It simply has an incomplete feel to it. 4.5.

thumbs down from me

it sucks compared to your other ones. zero out of five. and check out this website:




if a map has been rated five 5's, even a 4.5 will lower it.




that rocks...


you mean the ninja?
Cuz i think that improves the art. I thought you were talking about the funny red thing below the dragon.


I dont think there is ever going to be a map with 5/5. Do many stupid snipers.

Coz this is very very nice. :) 5/5 from me


if you weren't being sarcastic, it is the left.


there was nothing on the bottom left. Were you perhaps referring to the bottom _right_ ?


that has got to be the most amazing n art ive ever seen


yea...its a confused ninja...

and im glad ppl actually understand me this time around(usually i get a bunch of hate messages)...

but, i have to dissapoint you for now dragon(this goes to turtle too)...i really jsut dont have any time now to finish it...and i honestly cant imagine when i am going to get time...and i also have a bad feeling i need to remake almost half of it...i just cant waste time like that now...ive been saying similar things for a while...but its might not be done till christmas, but i swear ill try to work it in well before then, but at this rate, it looks unlikely...sry guys...i wish there was more time in the day...


think about this

dont rate it 4.5/5 or less, because even if you didnt think it was DM's best work, it still kills everyone elses (no offence to the public)


very clean and well rounded. Straight to the point and it still looks nice in full screen.
But it doesnt maximize its potential and is a little simple compared to your others


i'll listen to you, nemetacyst.


man, thats the reason why i like u so much :D
I think there is nothing wrong on critisising. But please please please can u finish ur three-dragon-picture? Im w8ting so long :D

this is my personal sign.


If someone snipes this, I will personally rip out their...uh...never mind.


as always.
you're awesome.
5/5, and may it stay that way forever.


Look sweet =)

holy crap

I know what its like with school and everything, but you deserve a break, the map on the other hand is amazing and kinda funny, N didnt apear very well tho 4.5/5




I think it's very very good! 5/5