Toddler's Revenge

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Author nevermore
Tags action author:nevermore featured playable rated v1.3c
Created 2005-03-07
by 26 people.
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Description Named for its similarity to one of those childrens' play things with tubes and whatnot. Took me a long time to plan out, and is my first map that focuses on perfect timing. Don't be scared away by the slight asymmetry. It is for the good of the level!
I'm still trying to find my map making style. Comments appreciated.

This map was featured on 2010-04-14

I've always had a soft spot for this pseudo-race. It's pretty classic nevermore (classic anything, actually--map number 6180); nearly symmetrical, focused drones, tight but smooth jumps.

And if you've ever had to hang out with little children, you know the title is applicable. Kids are a lot like the drones here. They ignore everything in their path, and they can kill you with electricity.


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are you the active member (apart from arachnid) of NUMA?

That 'fin'

is very stylish, monseigneur Flag


(not a completion below)
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eganic i would write you a poem if i get to any of your damn maps but i don't think i can

I just realized

"Don't be scared away by the slight asymmetry."

I lol'd.
Long time ago...
Please write me a poem ;___;

oh wow, this sucks bad...sorry nevermore
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is this in the original userlevels?

It plays ok, not great, and it looks terrible imo. 2/5
I guess that means I liked it
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this is neat, but

you can definitely tell it's aged a lot. People wouldn't look twice at this nowadays regardless of author


I fell in love with this map a long time ago, and I stand by it.

I remember this

It's goold /old/ fun :D


one of the best maps ever is a bit strong

I kind of disagree.

But to each his own.

this is one of the best maps ever.
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I intended for you to work the right part a bit faster. Then the middle is much smoother.


Here's a somewhat faster demo
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Nice and fun.

I think you've managed to get the right combination of timing and smooth flow. The only part that felt a little bit off was the section in the centre with all the one-ways, but nothing major.
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