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Author lord_day
Tags author:lord_day bitesized cerberus dedication difficulty-gradient featured oneways playable puzzle rated
Created 2006-10-05
Last Modified 2007-06-23
by 55 people.
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Description Dedicated to Cerberus

A new type of jumper puzzle (I hope). I love the way the jumps get harder as you progress, it has a nice difficulty curve. Fastest AGD gets a dedication. Enjoy.

This map was featured on 2009-10-10

Hey, look, another lord_day map.

Alright, here we have a wonderful one-way jumper puzzle with some pretty nicer aesthetics. The map brings a perfect difficulty curve as you jump into the one-ways and continue through the the tiles above or below, a great addicting map.

Can you beat the map in time?


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On a good map, seriously...
Lol at Leaff :p
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First try AGD.

Leaff, I must say that after noticing your demo is twelve thousand frames, I discount your opinion completely. This map was not hard.
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rather nice map

worth the feature ;D

Thanks, SMC.




i'm pretty sure PALEMOON was being sarcastic


Have you forgotten how original this was at the time of it's creation?
Perp jumping comes easier to others than some I guess though.

Leaff you FAIL

I watched that demo. Do you have a brain? Did you not think to use the one-ways to your advantage? I guess not.


You even spelt copied wrong!

's all right e_m

The review itself isn't really important. Just a means of bringing people to a map which has been deemed as notable. :)
I corrected it on the box and I deleted a part out. But then I wanted it back in so I copyed the old version back in and submitted it. One again, I fucked up.


Now I know which map lord_day helped create in The Mirage Explosion. ;)
Still a /little/ too hard for my taste, but not as bad as I made it out to be. >__>


Map was alright.
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This is worse than my reviews as godenAtor. Fail.


I think one reason you didn't enjoy the map is that you attempted to do these really hard jumps. The puzzle part of this map is choosing the right jumps to do , most of which are pretty easy! Check my demo if you are still unsure.
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Great map

This persuades me to get on with a map I've been meaning to make for ages.


absolutely brilliant
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Slow agd.

Incredıble map. 5aved.
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Aside from that

Good map choice to review. Awesome map, really liked it. Just couldn't figure out that last jump >.< FIVE!


Yeah, this review sucks. Didn't another recent review start with " Hey another ___ map". What a bland description, sounds like it came from a 10 year old.


the review was a fail, but the map was astounding.

Who's Lord_Day?

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One of the worst reviews ever

Terrible way to start a review, 'pretty nicer aesthetics'
'through the the tiles' seriously, did you even read over the review once you were done?
I'm sure theres other grammatical and punctual errors as well, but i'm no English major, it just seems like you didn't try at all.

The map was incredible though.
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This is definitely my favorite lord_day map. I always hated playing it. But I always enjoyed looking at it, and imagining playing it. If that makes any sense.

this is so easy D:

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I remember this like yesterday


A smile crossed my face when I saw that the current featured map was already in my favorites.

This is easily my favorite lord_day map. Nice choice for a feature. :)


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Natures_peril had some highscore on 83-3 that got bumped off.. had 0.25. D:

wow mcky, demo's don't get any closer than that, you've pretty much set a record, I didn't know how you beat that, nice work.
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