Vacuums and Voids

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Author kendogg102
Tags author:kendogg102 bitesized playable puzzle rated
Created 2006-10-05
Last Modified 2006-10-20
by 64 people.
Map Data

Description What lies within the center is nothing. What lies within nothing is the center!

Think harder, you'll reach enlightenment.

EDIT: Made a sequal to this map

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I think you're just using that as an excuse to snipe. I for one thought it was really good. 5/5

Obsessive worthy

read the title. I like it =D


Good lay-out and gameplay! 5/5!


like it 0/5

Speedy Demo

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looks good, plays well, not impossable

Wow, very fun.

Looks quite nice.
Demo Data

5/5 Faved

Great level, tricky, but really fun to play. The NaN'd trap door got me stuck, but I then saw your post about clicking outside the data box. Well done!


try clicking OUT of the level data box before loading. otherwise, the "L" gets in the data and causes an NaN

No NaN on this side

Its on your side i suspect, it works for everyone else

Awesome map.

Truly one of your best yet. Seriiously, man.


3.5/5 - NaN'd trap door and i dont kno where it goes. fix and il r8 it 4.5/5 (i havent r8ed it yet)

And 5aved.


Done the same as Korbachev
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all gold,

died at the end. That end is hard haha. and McP's comment hahaha
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final demo

Demo Data


faster. just barely beat it
Demo Data

super speedy AGD

i love how well that drone worked. 5aved
Demo Data

this map is

*chuckles uncontrollably*
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Very fun map and also very playable.
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