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Author lord_day
Tags action author:lord_day bitesized dedication featured playable rated seeker-drones survival wedgie
Created 2006-10-09
Last Modified 2007-07-19
by 11 people.
Map Data

Description Pseudo-Survival: Stay in the main area until the drones are past the switch.

Dedicated to wedgie123 for an amazing AGD on one of my maps. Fastest AGD gets a dedication. Enjoy

This map was featured on 2013-06-14

Jump jump duck wall jump duck dodge jump dip wall dive dodge duck jump jump wall jump fall jump duck jump dodge jump hump dip jump dip dodge jump wall jump jump jump duck dip jump dodge duck dip dive jump wall dodge wall jump jump run run run run run run KABLAM

Jump jump duck... — ChrisE

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worth a 4

really great

nice feature :)
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One of my favorites ever!


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Demo Data


bad luck, boba!

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5.5 years later

Just as amazing.
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Nice Done

Oh... my god.

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Then ran into a drone......
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you would have

but i just got faster on this too. This map was my dedication. The fastest all gold on this gets a dedication. haha
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damn. wedgie already got it, didn't he?

so uh...

do i get the ded?


10,974th try... probably...
i'm starting to wish i had rated 4.5...
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but can i get points for pulling off some sik stunts?
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this is so tense
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not bad

not that great though. it's pretty original, but i just don't really like it. 4/5


a little faster.

And thanks for the ded by the way. :D
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arkward to be fast, this is improvable by a lot. :/
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Neat stuff.
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demo = map

i've only ever played one other before :P
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