Quark Parry [Revised]

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Author mc_george
Tags action author:mc_george playable rated
Created 2006-10-10
Last Modified 2006-10-11
by 16 people.
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Description This is a revised version after suggestions from other mapmakers, mainly lord_day. Not too much of a difference, but a little easier in my words.

Also, from this map onwards, I am giong to implement a difficulty rating. Much like the ratings we have for maps, this is very similar.

0- Easy
3- Average
5- Hard

I'm not sure how effective this will be, but I'll see what happens.

Difficulty: 4/5

Comments (Especially about the difficulty system), demos, ratings are all appreciated.


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and EASY should be 1. and don't ditch it, it's a cool idea. i'm gonna start using it. 4/5


I guess your right. The difficulty system doesn't seem to be going well, so I'll ditch it.


and 4/5 :)

shouldn't it be

2.5 is medium difficulty?


I died pretty sadly. i think it's funny though, and I got through okay for a first try. I think it's a 4/5 on difficulty and a 3.5/5 for rating. I gotta be fair. I like it but it seems... strangely unfulfilling. sorry. :P
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far better. It gives a great challenge that can be improvised on so many levels. Im glad you made these changes.

Haha, cool

The switch was very hard in the first version.

It's funny...

I was just playing the original.

The exit switch is not so hard to get, so that's good...

It's demos like these that piss me off...
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