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Author mc_george
Tags action author:mc_george playable rated
Created 2006-10-11
by 15 people.
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Description Not my best, done in about 20 minutes. The tileset isn't perfect, but the gameplay is very good, especially at the top. Tell me what you think, I'm open to suggestions.

Comments, demos, votes are all appreciated.


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Not bad at all! Ill give it a 4.0. I agree with the too many enemies, or, perhaps you can just turn the homing zap drones into non-homing zap drones? Or you can get rid of the homing launcher nearest to the start point... Otherwise, nice lvl!

Good map

Excellent for a 20-minuter. 4.5

cool gameplay

I agree with dejablue... many enemies... hard to make a clear and fast flow...
but it's cool.
I thought they only made the dodging more fun. Or was that too hard?


you almost had it m_g, why'd you stop? bottom sorta reminds me of Wrathful by Kablizzy. i think you take away the homing drones at the top. 4.5
lol, i was never good at giving advice... :P
I intended for this to be fairly hard, but yet quite easy. Don't know how that makes sense, but yeah. I didn't feel cramped when playing this one though.


i think there are too many enemies... i felt cramped when playing this map... otherwise, its good
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Have an all gold

Some slick dodging at the top.
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