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Author lord_day
Tags all-gold author:lord_day competition grow playable puzzle unrated
Created 2006-10-11
Last Modified 2007-07-19
Rating 5 more votes required for a rating.
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Description Cool little puzzle. Im pretty sure its original. Dedicated again to wedgie123 for a fast AGD. Demo included. Enjoy.

PS: Don't judge on thumbnail.

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but I don't get what the puzzle was.

Was it just finding the routes?


haha, so many ded's. Thanks. ^_^
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down below =]
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But all gold.
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i think it's pretty fun
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its a nice puzzle

but if i were to rate on funness... it wouldnt be high... but because of originality and because it was just made so well, 4.5


not the most fun of maps though... 3.5
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basic completetion

Don't view until you've had ago. You can get some nice AGDs on this map.
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