Acropolis v1.5

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Author Remixers
Tags author:remixers rated test
Created 2006-10-12
by 6 people.
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Description Saw some capability with this level, so we took it farther and super-fied it.

Remixers: spiker5, Evil Bob

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It very clearly links your map in the description, and, if I'm not completely mistaken, the point of the remixers is to remix everybody else's maps, not their own.


how about u guys remix ur own maps instead of other peoples


credit me for the original please

Would be a 4,

But it's too long and difficult. 3.5/5

Great map.

Certainly a lot different from the original, but that's beside the point, we are, after all, the 'Remixers'. A map well worthy of praise.


great map

why has nobody rated it?
I dont think anyone knows the name remixers...
but your names are at the bottom... I dunno but its definitely a 4.5/5
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