*ZAP* v1.5

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Author Remixers
Tags author:remixers rated test
Created 2006-10-12
Last Modified 2006-10-12
by 8 people.
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Description I removed one side because it was pointless. Have fun with it!

The Original:
The Remixer: Anonymous

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Traverse Pixeled Parody [High Resolution Remix] Acropolis v1.5


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fun!!! a little easy, but to get a good time it's hard. my first time making it through the whole thing, I got 2070 frames.
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Demo Data

Luverly map

I really enjoyed it. Take a 4.5.


and sorry for the double post before
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supa fast AGD

very simple buy very fun
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supa fast AGD

very simple buy very fun
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800 frames.
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Alll Remixers maps are test levels, because they're not fully their own.


i did it anyway, even thoguh you could just look at the demos... hey, why is this labeled test level? meh, whateva.
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first try but I mostly like the level... I do realize this is the same demo score as mc_george, but i can get better so challenge me if you think I'd stoop that low.. :P honestly. 4/5.
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Still improvable.
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first try demo
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Well, I have no idea, but I'll just take a stab at deja. Owned your demo. 4/5
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all gold demo.

I'd like to see if anyone can guess who did this.
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