Midnight Lemonade

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Author dejablue4
Tags author:dejablue4 test unrated
Created 2006-10-13
Last Modified 2006-12-07
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Description meh, much better than my previous 'mini-race' attempt... still somewhat short, but its hard to get a decent length on a mini-race like this... just not enough room... well, please rate, comment, post demos, and of course enjoy!

I've always loved starburst's races:


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Eat that.

Paulg Ummerson.
Demo Data

YES!!! SUB 165!!!

lol 164
Demo Data

Fastest AGD

by a bit lol
Demo Data


heres demo
Demo Data

Heres 165 demo

sub-165 so impossible now?

Oh Yeah

Demo Data

fastest i could get

doubt even sub 165 is possible
Demo Data

cool map

fun tileset and gameplay


150 doesnt look possible on the main route
Demo Data

Nice race...

I would submit a demo if I had one that could beat any of you.

There was just one part I didn't like, and that's the jump from the switch to the door. The flow just felt a little... clunky. Overall quite good.



i'm sure sub 150 is possible tho. 4
Demo Data


But slow. :P
Demo Data

flow demo

enjoy :)
Demo Data