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Author xxxantnyxxx
Tags action author:xxxantnyxxx playable unrated
Created 2006-10-18
Last Modified 2006-10-19
Rating 5 more votes required for a rating.
Map Data

Description Sorry for Sniping your maps a long time ago!

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Drone + Gold + NaN = One way wall. Hard? Tricky? Puzzly? Corridor Dark Age Devils_Crag! The Celtic Chambers


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I have no idea.

i'm actually quiting numa for now. DotA FTW. Sory about b4, i hope u luck and hope u stop getting sniped, ur maps are very good now.


but you honestly stopped now, right? so who's sniping me now?


the last map was "Rough Around the Edges" which you posted 2006-08-29 22:36:37-04, so I guess it wasnt the begining of the summer like i remembered.


Ill look into when i stopped and ill get a demo of me getting the first switch, and ill try to get one of the whole map.


i'll believe you.
about the map...
1) change the title, please
2) i don't think getting the first switch is possible (watch demo). post a completion demo if it is.

p.s. when did you stop sniping me? which was the last map?
Demo Data

And wow,

I just read your recent map, and u put my name on ur description. Why would I publicly admit to sniping you and say im srry if i was gonna keep doin it? Obviously people are annoyed by u for the same reasons i was b4, the only reason i stopped snipin u a while back was because now your actually making quite good maps.


I haven't sniped you since like the begining of the summer. In fact, ive rated a couple of your recent good maps 5's. So again, srry for sniping u b4, anything thats happening now i am not part of.

please stop

i'm a nice guy and want to be respected here, so i won't snipe you. just stop before i get you banned
no one should snipe for any reason. it's gay. if you're annoyed by someone, just leave them alone and ignore them. and thanks for sniping me again just a while ago

Sorry but..

I kinda forgot now, I think it was because when you started making maps, you were promoting lots of your other maps non stop in your descriptions and was like telling us how to rate your maps. Ill look into it =D


i know you. what did you have against me?

And dude,

By the way, ive recently read some of ur posts on your newer maps, and uve said ur getting sniped again, none of that was me, i was the guy like 3 (probly more) months ago though. I am sorry!