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Author Kavukamari
Tags author:kavukamari dda unrated
Created 2006-10-24
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Description this is a chaingun DDA, but there's a catch, YOU DON'T HAVE TO PRESS 1 B-4 PLAYING (or at least on MY comp you don't) and if you put it in the u-lvl's it won't get all the items, but it still works, tell me if there's any problems, and I will obsessively try to fix them


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for the up going ones, go into the load box, find your thwump, and decrease the 2nd number after the ^

#^x-coord,##0 <that one, decrease it by one

I'll get back to you when I figure the others out =]


how do you make those thwumps go backwards only?


Thats because
the chaingun doesnt make any close calls

That's because ...

.. the chaingun barely makes any close calls.