Keep Moving!

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Author glenno14
Tags author:glenno14 playable rated survival v1.3c
Created 2005-03-22
by 8 people.
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Description My second map.Spent about 45 minutes on it.I think its quite good but i guess thats up to all you people to decide.Well enjoy! ( Oh and sorry about the floormines near the exit in my first map i forgot they were there!)


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that was close

but it takes swift skill to do this
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109.85 sec

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fun :D

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nice man

I like it. Even though I have played it SOO MUCH in the user levels.

Good map

very good map i really liked it.
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wow. Amazing first map. Really reminds me of a tough metanet level. I can see you are going to become a great map maker.

Heres my demo

I decided to add a demo with this map
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