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Author ianb
Tags author:ianb bitesized playable rated survival v1.3c
Created 2005-03-23
by 29 people.
Map Data

Description Oh look - a 'small maps' bandwagon!
*jumps on*
Actually, I enjoy this map quite a bit. You have to stay on your feet and be ready.

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nice demo

Demo Data
Demo Data

this is

by far the most addicting map i have seen on numa so far...
Demo Data

Awesome map

amazing how simple it is.
Demo Data

New Record ! xD

I could play this map 24/7 for a year and still not get tired of it !

Its so awesome i cant describe it in words :D

Anyways :() Got a nice demo after a lot of hours of trying to beat the record.. I made some really cool and quite lucky moves, Check it out Y'all ;)
Demo Data

Figured it out

Since my last comment i've been trying out a lot of different survival maps.. This is still by far the best map i've tried..

Here's my demo
Demo Data

Wicked map

I really like this kind of small and simple, but yet hard maps. 5 Ninjas from me :D
I do have a (probably stupid)question about demo's.. how do you see the demo data of a map you've just played, but not completed? You obviously cant complete this since there's no exit.


Love the map, it's what a survival should be.

Demo's a little short but I liked some of the moves I pulled off.
Demo Data




Bizzarre demo

I was impressed with myself for a lot of this.
Demo Data


Long est demo. B)
Demo Data


Third longest demo.
Demo Data


That. Was the BEST SURVIVAL MAP I HAVE EVER PLAYED EEEEE. And I play a LOT of survival maps. Easy 5/5.

Seriously, I'm gonna go back and play it for the next hour or so to beat tktktk

This demo isn't my best yet, but it's certainly the coolest.
Demo Data


i thought i put a demo up... oh well, i gave this a high rating. really cool for a small survival map.


Demo Data


I wish people would make more maps like this.. Maybe a new catagory of mini maps? Anyways, great map!
Demo Data

love it!

This map is totally awesome fun - it deserves more than 3.5. I can't seem to beat 800, yet.
Demo Data


didn't see Lucidiums go. *beaten*

longer yet

with an immensely timed jump to start. I ran out of options at the end though...
Demo Data

Broke 1000.

This was way more fun than I thought it was. It really keeps you on your toes.
Demo Data

Great map...

Here's a longer demo.
Demo Data
here is an easy time to beat.
Demo Data